More Trouble at Radio Liberty

The latest news about continuing turmoil at the US taxpayer-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), which is managed by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) — an independent U.S. Federal agency — comes from Anatoly Karlin’s blog Sublime Oblivion.


Translation: “Radio Liberty – The Liberty of Mendacity”
Published on August 16, 2009 in Da Russophile


Anatoly Karlin: “One of my readers, Fedia Kriukov, kindly pointed me to a LiveJournal blog post by Ksenia Larina from August 13th, 2009. She’s been working with the liberal “Echo of Moscow” radio station since 1991 and her husband, Rinat Valiulin, had accepted a position with Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty in February 2009. In uncompromising language, she reveals her husband’s unpleasant experiences with RFERL in Радио Свобода – свобода подлости (Radio Liberty – The Freedom of Mendacity).


Her impression is that a once-respectable institution has degenerated into a nest of self-serving nepotism, neo-Soviet bureaucracy and US managerial fecklessness. Coming hard on the heels of Mario Corti’s revelations about its plummeting popularity, corruption and retreat from journalistic independence, RFERL will have an increasingly difficult time justifying the tens of millions of dollars of American taxpayer money going into supporting it.”


This article TRANSLATION: Ksenia Larina on “Radio Liberty – The Liberty of Mendacity” is available in pdf format.


TRANSLATION: Ksenia Larina on “Radio Liberty – The Liberty of Mendacity” (LJ post)
(; accessed August 15, 2009)
Translated by Anatoly Karlin.