Poland! Poland! Indomitable – Samuel A. Binion, Translator of “The Knights of the Cross”

[quote_right]Poland! Poland! The very name carries with it sighings and groanings, nation-murder; brilliance, beauty, patriotism, splendors, self-sacrifice through generations of gallant men and exquisite women; indomitable endurance of bands of noble people carrying through world-wide exile the sacred fire of wrath against the oppressor, and uttering in every clime a cry of appeal to Humanity to rescue Poland.[/quote_right]

[quote_left]But Holy Russia–Holy!–since that horrible time has taken upon herself by far the greatest burden of political crime in her dealings with that noble nation. Every evil passion bred of despotism, of theological hatred, of rancorous ancient enmities, and the ghastliest official corruption, have combined in Russian action for more than one hundred and fifty years, to turn Poland into a hell on earth. Her very language was proscribed.[/quote_left]
From “To the Reader
Samuel A. Binion, translator of Henryk Sienkiewicz’s novel “The Knights of the Cross” – “Krzyżacy”
New York, May 9, 1899.