Remembering Radio Liberty in Exile Journalists on Thanksgiving

As Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, BBG Watch remembers Radio Liberty journalists who were brutally fired without a warning or chose to resign in protest against the actions of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty management.

These journalists are facing now an uncertain future in Vladimir Putin’s Russia without any support or protection from their former U.S. taxpayer-funded employer, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and the U.S. federal agency that allowed this to happen – the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG).

Imagine journalists being stopped by guards from entering their offices and prevented from even saying good bye to your loyal radio and online audience of many years. This is what happened to Radio Liberty journalists in Moscow.

As BBG Watch extends our Best Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to all our online visitors, contributors and supporters, we also ask you to continue to support Radio Liberty in Exile journalists and their new news website.

We hope that they will soon be returned to work at Radio Liberty and will see their pro-media freedom and pro-human rights restored. But we must also do everything possible to make it happen.

We are, of course, grateful for all the successes during the past year, including saving Voice of America broadcasts to China and Tibet.

We thank you all for your support and ask you now to support Radio Liberty in Exile.

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