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Wojtyla's Women: How They Shaped The Life of Pope John Paul II and Changed The Catholic Church by Ted LipienPope John Paul II's new agenda for supporting Catholic feminism, also referred to by him as “new feminism,” was first outlined in his 1995 Letter to the U.N.-sponsored Women’s Conference in Beijing. It was an attempt to win credibility with women after the earlier confirmation of his total opposition to the idea of ordaining women priests. Secular feminists doubted that he would act quickly and forcefully on some of the conciliatory sentiments expressed in the Beijing Letter to Women and pointed out that document contained only a rather conditional and weak apology to women for the past wrongs.

In May 2000, John Paul II called for the promotion of “new feminism” that “without falling into the temptation of pursuing ‘macho’ models, can recognize and express the authentic feminine genius.”

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This book is worthwhile reading for anyone interested in the personal network of highly influential women who shaped John Paul II's attitudes, particularly on the debate of women's roles. Dr. Nancy Snow, author of Information War

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Ted Lipien has written an incisive and penetrating book on the role remarkable women, played in shaping John Paul II's outlook on important and controversial issues that defined his papacy. One of them was the Albanian-born nun and Nobel laureate Mother Teresa. Dr. Elez Biberaj, author of Albania in Transition: The Rocky Road to Democracy