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Polish Roots of Pope John Paul IIJohn Paul II was understandably proud that he and other Poles were able to preserve religion and national identity by remembering and cherishing their nation’s past. But those who grew up in safer, more individualistic, and culturally diverse societies may find it difficult to comprehend what Wojtyła meant when he referred to “the faith of our Fathers” or when he spoke about the irreplaceable role of families in Poland. Why should women sacrifice their education, careers, and standard of living for themselves and their children to raise large families? Why should they forego artificial birth control? Why shouldn’t they break with tradition, have fewer children, and seek to become spiritual leaders in the Catholic Church? The answers to these questions would be quite different if they came from Polish women than if they came from secular feminists in the West. Addressing a Polish audience, even John Paul II admitted that his message of the importance of historical and religious traditions may not make much sense to the non-Poles:

Wojtyla's Women: How They Shaped the Life of Pope John Paul II and Changed the Catholic Church by Ted Lipien"...you are from the shores of the Vistula River, where in the more than a thousand year history of the Christian nation lies the key to your spirit, psychology, way of thinking and behavior -- sometimes perhaps not comprehensible to others."


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This book is worthwhile reading for anyone interested in the personal network of highly influential women who shaped John Paul II's attitudes, particularly on the debate of women's roles. Dr. Nancy Snow, author of Information War

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Ted Lipien has written an incisive and penetrating book on the role remarkable women, played in shaping John Paul II's outlook on important and controversial issues that defined his papacy. One of them was the Albanian-born nun and Nobel laureate Mother Teresa. Dr. Elez Biberaj, author of Albania in Transition: The Rocky Road to Democracy