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Wojtyla's Women: How They Shaped the Life of Pope John Paul II and Changed the Catholic ChurchInstead of stressing similarities between Mary and the Apostles, John Paul II preferred to focus on the differences in clear contrast to feminist interpretations. At the general audience at the Vatican in December 1995, he declared that “the role entrusted to Mary by the divine plan of salvation sheds light on the vocation of woman in the life of the Church and society by defining its difference in relation to men.” He saw Mary’s role as being “specific to the feminine personality,” and he believed that distinct feminine personality exists as part of God’s plan for men and women.

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This book is worthwhile reading for anyone interested in the personal network of highly influential women who shaped John Paul II's attitudes, particularly on the debate of women's roles. Dr. Nancy Snow, author of Information War

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Ted Lipien has written an incisive and penetrating book on the role remarkable women, played in shaping John Paul II's outlook on important and controversial issues that defined his papacy. One of them was the Albanian-born nun and Nobel laureate Mother Teresa. Dr. Elez Biberaj, author of Albania in Transition: The Rocky Road to Democracy